Wir waren als KCBS – Juroren beim Prime UVE INVITATIONAL BARBECUE CHAMPIONSHIP  in Gaiarine / Italien am 01. – 02.07.2017 dabei.

Danke an Anna und Andrea das wir eingeladen wurden, es ist wirklich eine einzigartige und exklusive Veranstaltung, bei der wir uns direkt heimisch gefühlt haben. Grazie mille!!! Hier geht’s zu den edlen Tropfen aus dem Hause Prime Uve

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an:


Reserve Grand Champion: MISS PIGGY’S U.K.

und an allen 18 Teams die an dieser Veranstaltung teilgenommen haben bzw. eingeladen wurden!

Alle Ergebnisse siehst Du HIER (KCBS-Website / englisch)




2016, January

We were introduced  to  what the Fine Art of Grappa Making tastes like, on January 2016
during the second W.E.S.T BBQ Competition  
As a Judges gift we recieved a stylish flask filled with the fine Spirit of Prime Uve Grappa. 
Little did we know then, that almost two years later we would be invited to judge an Event of the Extraordenary:

+++  Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship III  +++

The place where our Prime Uve Grappa…was created!
The cradle of finest Grappa Made in Italy!


A big smile and the warm welcome from Andrea upon our arrival at the Prime Uve Distillery made this expierience even more special than it already was.

welcome to Prime Uve

The setting was beautiful and the overall atmosphere welcoming, warm and familiar.

This exclusive BBQ Event will stay at it´s current size, making it possible for only 18 Teams to have the honor to participate.
Consisting of the 15 best european  BBQ Teams of the year plus three Teams who earned the wild card throughout  
The Jury includes international Judges 

Barrel Smoke – Sauce – Dessert –
were in addition to the mandatory KCBS categories
Chicken – Ribs – Pork – Brisket

A Prize of nine thousand Euros awaits the Grand Champion
One thousand Euro for the Reserve Champion
a GrandTotal of fifteen thousand Euro in prize money are being given out to all the winners of this Event.

The setting lays on the grounds of the Prime Uve Distillery where Andrea took us back to the Beginnings of Prime Uve by giving us a personal tour of the Prime Uve museum.  
The feeling of passion, love and pride for the Spirits made here, is clearly in the air, when Andrea explains the Beginnings of Prime Uve and what lays ahead.

brought to you by Andrea

Wonderful Refreshments of all sorts were offered from an equally motivated and friendly Team.

my favorite gelato

my favorite gelato


Thank you to the Maschio Family for inviting us 
We will cherish this experience made possible by you


R2D2 next to us 🙂 ... but still a 2h delay on our flight 🙁 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-100.jpg?fit=946%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-101.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-132.jpg?fit=749%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-102.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-103.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-104.jpg?fit=1020%2C677&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-106.jpg?fit=623%2C1020&ssl=1 | smells good | WOW | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-109.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-110.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-111.jpg?fit=1020%2C242&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-112.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Bunch of Swines | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-114.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-115.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-116.jpg?fit=1020%2C765&ssl=1 | Hannes | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-118.jpg?fit=1020%2C778&ssl=1 | relaxed guys 🙂 | Clint | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-121.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Stephan | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-123.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Richard | What's going on here??? | Grillkunst | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-126.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-127.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-128.jpg?fit=1020%2C231&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-129.jpg?fit=800%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-130.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-131.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-133.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-134.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Andy, loved his gelato | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-136.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-305.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | Picanha | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-139.jpg?fit=1020%2C231&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-152.jpg?fit=1020%2C785&ssl=1 | having fun with big bottles | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-141.jpg?fit=1020%2C231&ssl=1 | having fun with big bottles | having fun with big bottles | having fun with big bottles | cool view | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-146.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | love the earrings | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-147.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-148.jpg?fit=603%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-150.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-151.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-153.jpg?fit=1020%2C891&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-154.jpg?fit=1020%2C691&ssl=1 | after judging of course | two for me???? | threeee????? | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-158.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-159.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-160.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-161.jpg?fit=765%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-307.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-309.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | Sweet | WOW | Prime_Uve-310.jpg?fit=600%2C800&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-164.jpg?fit=828%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-312.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-165.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-166.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-167.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Johann, relax mal | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-169.jpg?fit=1020%2C846&ssl=1 | turn in? is over... | Prime_Uve-311.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | my favorite gelato | Paparazzi | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-172.jpg?fit=1020%2C765&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-173.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Trophys | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-175.jpg?fit=1020%2C231&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-176.jpg?fit=1020%2C231&ssl=1 | AWARDS!!! | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-178.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-318.jpg?fit=800%2C533&ssl=1 | 1st Place - Barrel Smoke | 1st Place - Sauce | 1st Place - Sauce | 1st Place - Dessert | Judges..... | guests.... | more guests | Teams | Reps | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-187.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-319.jpg?fit=800%2C533&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-323.jpg?fit=800%2C533&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-189.jpg?fit=1020%2C646&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-320.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-321.jpg?fit=800%2C533&ssl=1 | 1st Place - Chicken | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-190.jpg?fit=1020%2C607&ssl=1 | 1st Place - Ribs | 1st Place - Pork | waiting for the big moment | 1st Place - Brisket | Miss Piggy's UK Back | Reserve Champion: Miss Piggy's U.K. | Prime_Uve-324.jpg?fit=800%2C533&ssl=1 | Grand Champion: BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands | Grand Champion: BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands | Grand Champion: BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands | Grand Champion: BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands | Anne | !Mille Grazie! You made it possible!! | the Papparazzi found me again | Deep Purple back on stage | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-202.jpg?fit=1020%2C680&ssl=1 | BBQ+ - Happy 🙂 | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-204.jpg?fit=680%2C1020&ssl=1 | we will see you soon | Got you!!! | Cocktail Guy you R O C K | Strong man ..strong drinks | It was a great day | Time to say Good Bye | only clouds, no rain | Prime_Uve-332.jpg?fit=533%2C800&ssl=1 | and where did you buy your shirt? | just befor the Schuhplattler begins | Vintage Grill for sale, sure to make 1st place chicken!!! | One | big | Familia | fill it up Hannes!!!! | CHECK this out!! | so, you are the first European Masterjudge? | Hard working Helpers | BBQ Master in Training | Prime_Uve_2017_RUBTOWN_BBQ_GAIARINE_INVETATIONAL-138.jpg?fit=1020%2C231&ssl=1 | Prime_Uve-339 | Arrividerci | Bella Italia | R2D2 next to us :-) ... but still a 2h delay on our flight :-(

gefahrene/geflogene Distanz zu diesem Event = 2097km
kumulierte gefahrene Distanz zum Judgen von teilgenommenen KCBS-Events = 13.577km

10 / 4 Over and Out

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